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Last updated April 26, 2022

WordPress is one of the most widely used systems for creating websites because it doesn’t demand a high level of technical expertise. However, you need think about which WordPress hosting provider will be best for your requirements if you want to create a WordPress site for your company or start a personal WordPress blog.

Fast speeds, one-click WP installation, free SSL certificates, uptime dependability, and site security should all be features of the finest WordPress hosting services. However, there are so many WordPress hosts available that the selection is bewildering.

We took the effort to investigate the most well-known services in order to assist you in locating the top WordPress hosting companies. We evaluated each business based on a range of criteria, such as features, cost, security, speed, and customer ratings.

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Best Web Hosting Australia Reviews

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Compare The Best Australian WordPress Hosting

Our Top 5 WordPress Hosting Companies for 2024

Quick reference list of the best WordPress hosting companies – see all full web host reviews below!

  1. Hostinger ⏤ Best Host Overall & Best Value For Money
  2. Siteground ⏤ Best Lower Cost Pool Cleaner
  3. A2 Hosting ⏤ Best for
  4. Crucial ⏤ Best for
  5. Company ⏤ Best for

Best WordPress Hosting Reviews Australia 2024

Siteground Web Hosting

SiteGround creates hosting solutions that provide clients with the very best in website performance, scalability, speed and value. Its hosting structure is placed on physical servers located around the globe in locations that have some of the fastest network connection speeds. SiteGround offers server management at no additional cost so you will never lose access to your site due to technical issues related to server management again. Many other web hosting companies charge for this type of support but not SiteGround!

They have locations around the world, and the Australian server is located in Singapore at the Equinix Internet Exchange with fiber connectivity to Sydney. Tests against 12 top hosting companies showed us outperforming all other hosts with page loading speed and performance speeds. There were no support wait times, and resolution time was less than 5 minutes for any issues that arose. Hosting prices start from as little as $4.95/month for a shared server which makes it great for personal and small business use.

A web server is the core of any successful website. One common problem to occur when hosting your site with different companies is their level of security. If a hacker gains access to your site, they can and will do everything they can to bring it down in order to break into other sites through backdoors involving illegal content such as malware, spamming and various other forms of cybercrime. But SiteGround takes complaints seriously and it features a Web Application Firewall which gives you additional protection against self-service hacking attacks and a layer of safety measures designed prevent malicious activity on your account from the very start including old vulnerabilities so as not to be exploited by hackers at all!

What we like

  • Faster than 12 other hosting providers tested
  • Bullet proof security
  • Aussie toll free support

What we don't like

  • Servers not in Australia (Singapore)

How to choose the right WordPress hosting for you:
What to look for

It can be difficult to choose which WordPress hosts to take into consideration for a website, even with our list of the finest hosting providers. Whether you plan to transfer an existing site to a new host or create your WordPress website straight on the server, make sure to look around and pay attention to what web hosting companies have to offer. Your WordPress site’s performance and user experience will change if you choose the correct host.

Here are a few key characteristics to look for in a WordPress hosting provider that can accommodate all of your requirements.

  • Cost – Is the product affordable and worth the monthly/yearly cost
  • Ease of use – How easy is it to setup and manage the hosting package
  • Features – Does the hosting have the features you required for your site
  • Support – What level of support is provided by the hosting company
  • Free site migration – easy move your site to your new host
  • One Click WordPress Installation – install wordpress with the click of a button

Cost of hosting

Cheap doesn’t always mean better. Many cheap services will host your website on shared servers with hundreds of other websites. This can slow your site down and also provide a security risk.

File Storange and Data Transfer (Bandwidth)

Think about the provider’s bandwidth and disc space restrictions before choosing a WordPress host. The amount of storage a hosting platform allots to websites on a server is referred to as disc space, whereas bandwidth refers to the volume of web traffic that visits your website.

You’ll probably require additional storage space and bandwidth as your website becomes more complicated and advanced. Although unlimited storage and bandwidth are desirable advantages, a straightforward website most likely won’t require them.


Up-time / Speed & Reliability

Visitors to your website don’t want to wait a long time for pages to load or receive an error message when they arrive. If your website is unavailable when users try to visit it, this may have a bad impact on its reputation with search engines like Google and lower search engine rankings.

All of the hosting platforms on our list have an uptime rating of at least 99 percent, which indicates there is less chance that the hosting company will cause your website to fail.

Site speed also has an impact on search engine rankings, which lowers the online visibility of your website. People want to visit pages that load quickly, so it’s a good idea to think about hosting options like free SSL certificates that increase speed and site performance.

Server Security

Security considerations for your website are essential, especially if it houses an online store. A trustworthy website hosting service should at the very least include SSL encryption and SPAM protection. To be safe, you should choose a hosting company that offers high-level encryption and other security features like hack prevention and DDoS protection if you operate an online store or need greater security. If you’re interested in internet security, check out our best VPN reviews.

File Backups

An Australian web server that offers reliable website backups and one-click restoration is required. If you regularly backup your website, you can be sure that you will be able to quickly retrieve practically all of your information in the event that your website is compromised due to a security breach or a programming error. You can also avoid lengthy site maintenance periods by using backups.

Free Site Migration

It’s more difficult than you may imagine to manually move an existing WordPress site from one hosting provider to another, especially if you’re not experienced with WordPress. Consider website hosts that offer free migration rather than putting your website at risk for future problems. You can swiftly move your website to a different server using free migration tools and protocols without endangering your current website.

One Click WordPress Installation

WordPress may be installed with only one click, which makes the process easier. You don’t have to waste time manually installing the software because of this function, which takes around a minute to complete. The processes involved in a manual WordPress installation are as follows:

  • Downloading the WordPress install file onto your computer
  • Uploading the WordPress file and extracting the files on a hosting account
  • Creating a database and user
  • Running the installation and finishing it

This process can take some time, so having a One Click Installation feature will save you a lot of time and hassle.

Customer Support

You never know when you’ll have a query or worry about WordPress hosting, even if you have intermediate or advanced technical abilities. If that occurs, you should make sure you can contact the hosting platform’s support team.

Not all customer service is the same or perfect. Some teams may not be knowledgeable about typical WordPress or hosting difficulties, or they may not respond promptly. For this reason, it’s best to select a WordPress hosting service that makes every attempt to offer consumers a variety of options to contact customer support.

Some of the top WordPress hosting companies will also offer their clients manuals, lists of instructions, and other materials to assist them in troubleshooting problems on their own. However, they can always make a phone call to speak with a live agent.

Popular WordPress Hosting Questions

We get a lot of question about website hosting, so it makes sense to list them here with answers to save repeating ourselves.